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What we do

Supplying the demand in the healthcare industry, Respiratory care and Critical care is our area of expertise and supplying all related products and equipment to the hospital.


We also have Home care services, we provide medical equipment on rental basis/sale for Postoperative care patients, Elderly care and to patients who has breathing difficulties and sleep disorder.

Who we are

We are young team of passionate engineers from diversified background and with industrial experience joined together to start this venture “Medcuore Medical Solution Private Limited”.


We all are like minded and passionate towards applying our engineering's skill and service towards healthcare industry.


MedCuore is an MSME registered, DPIIT accredited, StartupIndia registered, ISO 9001:2015 certified Med-Tech-Design startup specialized in R&D, Design & build, and sales of respiratory-care medical equipment with maintenance support performed by a young-energetic team of techies from diverse backgrounds.

Why we do

  • We realized there is a demand and supply gap in the industry, hence we started providing the quality sales & service of Medical Equipment.

  • Home care need professionals to provide quality medical devices and also educate and train them to use the machine. So we do it.

  • We want to transform the young students to build or innovate the Medical Devices, so we are there to train the biomedical engineers.

  • We saw people suffering because of poor air quality and people struggle to get oxygen hence we are in process of developing the indigenous Oxygen concentrator and Air purifier.

How it started..

The 2020 pandemic paused the world for a moment in its lightyears, and then came a young bunch of recent graduates who wanted to start a venture that has got the most unorthodox blend of verticals. Sometimes crafting an electronic device, sometimes designing a patient room, sometimes providing business solutions to other ventures, sometimes, "Hey! Why don't we 3D print stuff?". Yet, most of the time, having fun. MedCuore is comprised of members from different backgrounds clubbing together who still follow their passions while they teach and learn from each other. We are MedCuorians and this is us.

R&D, Design & Build

By centralizing all R&D functions, and gathering specialists in a wide range of fields into an undivided R&D organization, MedCuore exhibits comprehensive capabilities, promotes fusion of technologies, and creates new technologies in the respiratory-care category.

Research and Development at MedCuore Medical Solutions Pvt Ltd
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