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Patient Under Ventilation

Sleep Apnea Devices

What is BiPAP?


BiPAP stands for Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure, which delivers the air and keeps the patients airway open. It used to treat Sleep Apnea and or those who has obstructive pulmonary disease. 

Difference between BiPAP/CPAP:

If you or your loved ones have Sleep disorder then you are recommended to use CPAP or Bi-PAP. Your doctor would recommend the appropriate device to use based on the severity of the disorder. CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) is usually used when you have mild to moderate sleep apnea.

But depending on the severity of sleep apnea, doctors may recommend a BiPAP machine instead.  Patients requiring high levels of CPAP pressure are often more comfortable using BiPAP. S


What happens if sleep apnea is untreated?

Sleep Apnea leads to serious health problems, such as high blood pressure and heart trouble, if untreated. Untreated sleep apnea causes breathing to stop repeatedly during sleep, causing loud snoring and daytime tiredness, even with a full night's sleep.


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Philips Auto BiPAP

Philips BiPAP Auto has Bi-Flex technology to make the use of a BiPAP machine slightly more comfortable for the patient.

The auto algorithm performs two types of tests (P critical and P optimal) that allow the pressure to be maintained at a level that is unlikely to cause obstruction but not excessively high, maximizing patient comfort.

Resplus B30P BiPAP.webp
Patients with mild to moderate respiratory failure, no indication of emergency intubation, relatively stable vital signs, and no non-invasive ventilation taboo can definitely go for ResPlus B-30 BiPAP. It's used for respiratory failure early intervention and auxiliary evacuation. Overnight use of the device has proven to improve sleep quality, reduces daytime sleepiness, and also thinking ability.
BMC Resmart Y-30T BiPAP
BMCY30T BiPAP.webp
The BMC RESmart GII BIPAP Y 30T with humidifier provides non-invasive ventilation for patients with respiratory failure and is the ideal NVL device for home and ambulatory ventilation. The device is easy to set up for work and it quickly switches from one type of treatment to another, regardless of the number of patients and the complexity of the disease.
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