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High Flow Oxygen Therapy

What is HFOT?

High-flow oxygen therapy is a type of respiratory support used in hospitals in which oxygen is delivered to a patient at higher rates than standard oxygen therapy. (Traditional oxygen therapy has a flow rate of up to 16 L/min, whereas HFOT has a flow rate of up to 80 L/min.)

What it does:

High-flow oxygen therapy (HFOT) is an oxygen delivery system that can deliver 100% humidified and heated oxygen at up to 60 litres per minute.

HFOT improves gas exchange and reduces breathing effort with its warm, humidified constant flow.

Patients with acute respiratory failure (hypoxic respiratory failure) are frequently treated with HFOT.

What is high flow oxygen therapy used for?

High flow oxygen therapy is commonly used on patients with acute respiratory failure (ie, hypoxemic respiratory failure) in the hospital system.

NOCCARC H210 | High Flow Oxygen Therapy
NOCCARC H210 provides respiratory support to spontaneously breathing patients by delivering high flow warmed and humidified gases through a nasal interface. The inbuilt and electronic FiO2 control makes NOCCARC H210 extremely easy to use, while providing maximum comfort to patient with acute to chronic breathing problems. (10).webp
Respicare Hifent | High Flow Oxygen Therapy
The high-flow respiratory humidification treatment instrument can provide three connection methods: nasal congestion catheter, tracheal joint, mask adapter. The humidification device has a temperature monitoring and feedback system and a heating guide wire, which can achieve full temperature and humidification of the gas under high flow, and even reach a relative humidity below 37°C, close to 100%
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