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How to treat COVID-19 at home ?

People all over the world are being affected by the impact of COVID-19. If you have come in contact with a Covid positive patient or if you experience mild symptoms but cannot go to a healthcare facility, you can treat yourself at home by these basic steps:

- Self-isolate.

- If you have people to take care of you, assign one person who is in good health and has no underlying chronic conditions. Caregivers should always wear the mask whenever they come in contact with the patient.

- Eat home cooked food, sleep well, exercise and stay socially connected with your friends and family.

- Use tissues when you cough or sneeze and dispose them immediately. If you are using a handkerchief, wash it immediately after use.

- Maintain a distance of 1 meter between your family members, especially the elderly.

- Wash your hands with soap before and after you cook, before you eat and whenever necessary.

- Use separate towels, utensils and linen.

- Clean and disinfect your room, doorknobs, tables and frequently touched surfaces.

- Used towels and clothes should be washed separately; either hand washed with detergent and hot water or machine-wash them at 60-90°C.

- Do not smoke as it can increase your chances of developing other serious diseases.

- Seek medical attention if your condition worsens.

These are difficult times and it is okay to feel stressed and anxious. Engage yourself in activities that keep you sane, follow necessary precautions and you will sail through this effortlessly!


Author: Sharanya

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