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Noccarc V310 - ICU Ventilator

Noccarc V310 offers an advanced, compact yet reliable ICU ventilation solution. Carefully crafted with the combination of cutting-edge research and advanced manufacturing technologies, the turbine-based design enables highly efficient independent operation and a wide range of ventilation modes, including High Flow Oxygen Therapy. The IoT enabled system allows central data monitoring and logging remotely making Noccarc V310 an accessible easy to manage option for health professionals in the current case of the COVID-19 pandemic (3) (2) (4) (5) (6)

Why buy Noccarc V310 ICU Ventilator?

  • It is easy to use, anyone can learn quickly and handle the machine

  • Hassle free usage and less  maintenance.

  • Inspiratory and  Expiratory sensors are built internally.

  • Battery backup up to 8 hours

  • It is ideal for ICUs as well as intra hospital transport.

  • Doesn’t require compressed air supply Supports both Pediatric and Adult patients

  • Integrated with HFOT with flow up-to 100LPM.

  • 14 Modes of Operation - 11 Invasive and 3 Non-Invasive 

Unique Features